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The average age of newspaper readers is 55. The majority of people buying products are not reading newspapers and magazines. The reality is families with children and singles use the Internet as their primary information-gathering source no matter what their income may be or where they live.

The fact is, 84% of home buyers and renters search for homes online, more than double the percentage that did so in 2001 and nearly 90% of new car buyers use the Internet to research vehicles they're considering buying.

So it stands to reason that those same people turn to the Internet when looking for information about all kinds of products and where to buy them, but if you are not there with the type of information they crave they end up buying from a competitor who does.

In today's market, you can't wait for potential buyers to find you — you have to go to where they are. This means widely disseminating your marketing messages using the Internet.

Connecting with these people online is even more important if you're in a competitive market. Getting the consumer into the store or to the order page off an ecommerce site before they buy from a competitor is the key to success.

The retail world is littered with over-promising, under-delivering ecommerce sites due to the high cost of online advertising. The thing that holds most retailers back is, an effective ecommerce program can easily cost millions of dollars a month to promote and in some cases much more.

SKC has developed and deployed the Enterprise News Portal. We have combined all the required technology and the necessary publishing skills using our Enterprise News Portal as the delivery platform.

The Enterprise News Portal changes the competitive equation by turning your inventory into news, giving consumers the information-gathering source they want and directing them to the purchasing channels they prefer.

SKC is currently meeting with medium-size to large-scale retailers worldwide as potential partners to deploy Enterprise News Portals. If you are a retailer with more than 50 stores, an Enterprise News Portal may be right for you.

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